*Dancers must participate in our summer dance program.  Dancers are required to audition or have a private assessment for placement.

*Dancers are required to attend all scheduled competition practices and technique classes. Poor attendance will result in dismissal from the team.  A doctor's note is required for absences due to injury.  

*Competition team dancers are NOT permitted to take dance classes at other studios.  This is a new rule and will be enforced this season.  The only exception is acro/tumbling classes.

*Dancers/parents who display unsportsmanlike conduct whether at competition or in the classroom will be immediately dismissed from the team.  In addition, the studio will not tolerate parents/dancers questioning the placement of other dancers on the team.  All decisions regarding the competition team are made by the studio director and are final.  Offenses to this rule will result in removal from the team.  Our objective is promoting and encouraging each and every student.

*This year we will be forming several different teams.  Our elite team will be competing in the highest level.  Dancers competing at this level will be required to take all forms of dance excluding contortion.  There will also be a power team for intermediate dancers.  This group will be required to take ballet and the genre of dance they are competing in.  The star/minis is our novice level team for young dancers just beginning in competition.  If selected to dance on the elite team, you must compete your solo in the highest division at competition.

*Dancers wishing to attend outside conventions/master classes must first be granted studio approval.  Dancers who intend to compete at competitions outside of the ones selected by the studio must get permission from the director.  All choreography is property of KATJ and cannot be performed without prior consent.

*KATJ will offer several in house master classes throughout the season.  All competition dancers are required to attend these classes.

*The schedule for competitions is released in August.  Fees are due 30 days prior to each event. The studio will NOT put in fees for any performer.  Please plan accordingly.  This year we are charging a $10 late fee per routine for every day past the deadline.  Dancers who are repeatedly late with fees will be dismissed from the team.

*Private lesson/competition team practice fees are due the beginning of each session.  Dancers who are not current in payments will be not be permitted to participate in the rehearsal and will sit for the practice until their account is made current.

*All competition team dancers must be current in their tuition payments in order to compete or attend practices.  When an account becomes severely deliquent, the dancer will no longer be able to participate in classes.

*Competition dancers grant permission to KATJ and all competitions to use their photos, images and videos on websites, Facebook and other social media outlets.

*Competition dancers are required to participate in the production number for the recital.

I have read and full understand the KATJ competition team policies.  By signing this, I fully consent to the rules and guidelines as detailed above.


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