• All lessons begin with a warm-up. Students should arrive on time properly dressed and ready to dance. Missing part of a warm-up can risk injury. Improper clothing hinders movement and makes it difficult to view correct body placement. No jewelry is permitted in class and long hair must be worn up! For a complete description of our dress code, please see our policies  by clicking here:

  • In order to prevent injury proper shoes must be worn in all classes. Ballet shoes are to be pink for girls and black for boys. We use tan jazz shoes and the foot undeez or dance paws for lyrical class. Tap shoes are black jazz/tap oxford. Hip hop students need black dance sneakers. The pre-school combo classes need pink ballet slippers and black patent leater shoes (available at Payless). If you have questions regarding what your dancer needs please ask. Shoes and dancewear can be purchased through Dance Distributors at 1-800-33-DANCE. We ask that students DO NOT wear their street shoes on the dance floor.

  • TUITION IS DUE THE FIRST WEEK EACH MONTH! A $10 late fee will be assessed to all payments not received on time. Checks that are mailed to the studio must be received by the due date. Payments received after the due date but dated before will NOT be accepted as on time payments. For example, if your dancer has class on Tuesdays your tuition is due the first  Tuesday of each month. A payment not received by the second Tuesday of the month would be considered late. A student whose tuition is in arrears will not be permitted to attend class until the account made current. This will be strictly enforced. There is a $30 returned check fee. A mailbox in the waiting area is where payments are to be made. You may also pay online here on our Web site by visiting the Online Payments page!

  • If you are bringing small children please have something for them to do so they will not interrupt classes. NO ONE IS PERMITTED TO WALK INTO A CLASS SESSION FOR ANY REASON. Please be on time to pick up your dancer as we are not capable or supervising children outside of the classroom.

  • Students are required to attend all scheduled classes. Any and all classes missed require notification to the studio. Good attendance is imperative as absences and tardiness can hinder progress and performance. Written notice is required for any withdrawl from class. We do not refund registration fees or tuition if a students chooses to drop a class.

  • Students are expected to practice good behavior both in and out of our studio. Please do not run in the hallways or waiting rooms. Please stay quiet in the waiting areas while class is in session.

  • No food or drink is allowed in our studio! Water or sports drinks only! If you make a mess clean up after yourself! Please help to put trash in its proper place!

  • Students are expected to be attentive and respectful during class. No talking while the instructor is speaking and no gum chewing is allowed during class. Each instructor will have specific classroom rules. Make sure you understand and abide by their rules at all times.

  • Any items left in the studio will be kept for one month. At the end of the month all items will be taken to Goodwill. We recommend that you label all of your dancewear and shoes!

  • Notice of vacations and closings for holidays will be posted in the waiting area, sent home via handout and/or posted on the Web site. Closings due to weather conditions will be announced on 102.7 FM. If Sandusky schools are cancelled due to weather then the studio will also be closed. NO DEDUCTIONS IN TUITION ARE MADE FOR VACATIONS OR CLOSINGS. PARENTS ARE ALSO NOT PERMITTED TO ADJUST TUITION FOR ILLNESS OR FAMILY FUNCTIONS. For a complete list of closings/cancellations, visit our Closings and Cancellations page on the Web site!

  • Students wishing to participate on the competition team must participate in a team placement audition. All competition students are required to take ballet, summer lessons, Saturday technique classes and their regularly scheduled weekly technique classes. Attendance is mandatory. Students will be evaluated on an ongoing basis through classroom observation, conduct and performance. A student can be removed from the team at any time. Remembr that competition requires a great deal of dedication and committment. Students involved in numerous activities may want to reconsider before becoming a competition team member.

  • All winnings whether they be trophies, plaques, ribbins or monetary are property of All That Jazz and will be displayed in the studio or used to purchase studio equipment respectively. Solo trophies are property of the individual. Parents may also purchase trophies at many of the competing events.

  • Score sheets whether from competition or local talent shows are also studio property. NO SCORE SHEET MAY BE VIEWED UNTIL THE INSTRUCTOR HAS HAD THE OPPORTUNITY TO REVIEW IT.

  • PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST A SOLO, DUET, OR TRIO! When we feel your dancer is ready we will contact you. The dance director alond with the instructor recommendation has the sole authority to move a dancer temporarily or permanently to another group or level. Changing of choreography is also not permitted. If there is a problem with your child's routine please consult the teacher.

  • Our spring production consists of two evening performances. All students are required to participate. If a student has a conflict immediate notice is needed. Students must attend studio rehearsals and dress rehearsal in order to perform in the show.

Once again, thank you for choosing All That Jazz Dance Academy. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask!