Full dress rehearsal will be at Clyde High School located at 1015 Race Street in Clyde on Thursday, June 22nd at 6:00pm.  Students must be at the school not later than 5:30pm.  
Please note that NO FOODS OR DRINKS ARE ALLOWED IN THE AUDITORIUM OR BACKSTAGE! ANYONE WHO BRINGS FOOD INTO THE SCHOOL WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE BUILDING. This is the policy per Clyde High School.  Please feed your child before the rehearsal and performances.  Dancers may have water only backstage.  No exceptions! We will be monitoring the dressing rooms and auditorium.  Please keep all areas neat.  No spray glitter! Be sure to pick up after yourself and your child.  
All students must stay in the dressing room area until they perform.  NO STUDENTS IN COSTUME ARE ALLOWED IN THE AUDITORIUM AT ANY TIME DURING THE REHEARSAL OR RECITAL.  This rule will be strictly enforced.  
Dancers should have their hair in a bun, french braid or neat ponytail.  Ballet students must wear their hair in a bun only.  Please wear makeup as the stage lights will make the dancers look pale and washed out.  Eyeshadow and blush should be natural tones such as brown or tan.  NO BLUE EYESHADOW PLEASE! Eyeliner and mascara are optional but recommended.  Older dancers should wear false lashes.  PLEASE REMEMBER THAT NO UNDERWEAR IS TO BE WORN WITH YOUR COSTUMES!  Please do not wear nail polish on your fingers or toes!  
All dancers must stay till the end of the show to participate in the final bow.  We ask that students use colored paper or posterboard to make a sign with their name on it for the finale.  You may use glitter, markers, etc.  Get creative! On dress rehearsal we will rehearse the final bow where intermission is in order to give dancers not performing in the second act the opportunity to leave early.  
The recital will begin promptly at 7:00pm both Friday, June 23rd and Saturday, June 24th.  Student must arrive 45 minutes prior to showtime.  Parents may videotape the show.  For the safety of all the dancers, no flash photography is allowed.  Only one parent or guardian may accompany each dancer at dress rehearsal.  This is a closed rehearsal that is not open to friends, family or the public. There will be dressing room monitors to supervise the young dancers during the show.  Due to fire codes, we cannot have too many people backstage.  The price for tickets is $13.  Everyone must purchase a ticket to view the show regardless of age.  Tickets will be available at the door only.