Why choose All That Jazz?
Your teacher is the single most important factor in learning to dance.  The good dance teacher opens doors, helping dancers to know themselves better and reveal new avenues for growth.
What makes you a good dancer is not trying to be someone you're not.  You don't become good by wishing that you had longer legs or a wider turnout.  What makes a good dancer is being yourself.  That is our philosophy.  Whether you are training primarily for your own pleasure or to achieve excellence, personal expression is the foundation of all dancing that is enjoyable and good.
Our teachers are experienced  and work in an anatomically sound manner.  They stress proper body alignment and healthful working habits.  Our instructors teach students how to learn.  They show you how to look at movement and make it work on your own body. 
Our instructors work to inspire and generate energy and excitement.  We strive in getting our dancers to reach past their present abilities. Many dancers stop far short of realizing their potential because they feel they don't fit into some stereotyped notion of what a dancer should be.  In doing so they lose their greatest ally, the natural dancer within.  It is our goal to make dance enjoyable for all our students by having them express -not supress -themselves.  Whether dance is a big part of your life or only a yearning we will provide you with the guidance to bring out the dancer within you.
"I have seen more Swan Lake than I can count...And what makes it bearable, and very often exciting, is that no two ballerinas are the same.  The steps are the same but the ways in which they do them are totally different" - Walter Terry